What is seo

what is seo


The world of digital marketing and internet depends on the word “SEO” for this three word. Very big companies who sell their Product and Servies online. He spends his millions of dollars just on seo. Afterall what is seo

What is seo

If you have also heard its name repeatedly or have written it or you are new to the internet and digital marketing, then you get to hear this word again and again that what is seo

Today, we are going to tell you about it in simple words what is seo . If you read this post carefully then you will easily know about what is seo .

SEO’s full form is Search Engine Optimization. Which is directly related to the search engine. seo One way to bring your website to the top in the search engine are the rules so that our website can increase traffic. If you follow these rules then your website is shown on the first page in the search engine.

Bringing the website to the first page is important because most people like to visit the website on the first page and for that, we have to follow Seo.

Any company or person makes their website so that they can sell their service and product, but if traffic on their website does not visit them, then how will they sell their products.

That’s why we have to do our search engine optimization to get our website to the first page. Which is a traffic increase on our website? Increasing traffic on websites increases our online earning. Also, the value of the website increases in the search engine, which increases the ranking of the website.

What is seo
For example – Search engine optimization is exactly like the traffic rules. Like a roadmap, we need to run the traffic smoothly, so that people do not face any problem and they can quickly reach their target by choosing their right path.

Similarly, Seo is also a search engine Traffic Rules. So when searching for anybody, quickly find the right information. For this, there is a roadmap of the search engine called Seo (Search engine optimization).

Seo and traffic rule both work for people. So that our journey is good. As if you search for “what is seo” but whatever results come about it, you have to search again and again, which means that your journey and user experience are bad.

That’s why google search engine uses the Seo factor to increase its user experience so that their users can provide fastly and accurately information.

Every search engine has its own seo factor. Google is the biggest search engine in today’s time, which is the most used in the whole world. google works on about 200 Seo factor What is seo

If you want to understand What is seo? in one line then you know that Google likes the same content which the user likes to read. Which goes to the content itself first page. And if you do not like, then it slowly goes down. This is the most important factor of google seo.( What is seo )

What is the search engine? ( What is seo )

What is seo

First of all, it is very important for you to know what is the search engine. search engine One such search engine is an algorithm that gives us the right information about the information we have searched on the Internet, for this, it fastly crawls, index and rank the information contained in our data base, which is called SNRP (Search engine Result Page). Seo has a very large role to bring any page to the top in the search result. google, yahoo, bing is all this search engine.

SERP- When you search in any search engine like what is what Seo then the list which comes after it is called SERP.

In today’s times, google search engine is the most popular because if we have to search anything then we use google search engine. 70 Precent people in the world use google.

Do you know when you search What is seo? on google then google uses 200 factor to give you the best result which is in accordance with these parameters of article google, it shows you on Google’s first page. Which can get you the right information.

what is seo and How does search engine work?

Like if you search “what is seo” then the search engine already brings a crawl and indexed ranking form to you. The bots and spiders of the search engine make their ranking form continuously by indexing 24 hours and indexing. And as soon as you search something, it appears on the search engine Result Page (SERP).

By the way, all the search engines work differently technic. But every search engine works in three steps.

  • Crawling

  • Indexing

  • Ranking

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Learn what is seo Step by Step

SEO Tutorial has been Devide in Two Parts. On Page Seo and Off Page Seo

On Page SEO ( what is seo )

Step 1: To make a blog/website SEO, the search engine has to be told about the website. The blog Post User has been written for attention. Some Bloggers start writing content for Search Engine

Step 2: Submit blog/website to other search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing.

Step 3: Once the site is submitted to the search engine, the data of the site is stored in the search engine database.

Step 4: Choose the right keyword to write Blog Post.

Step 5: There are many parts in the Blog Post. Use the keyword in all parts.

Post Title
Meta Description
Post URL
Submit the XML Sitemap of the site to Google Webmaster Tools. This file contains all information about the site.

Step 6: Catch the Google Bot site from a sitemap file and store it in the database.

Step 7: Use Keyword in the alt tag of the image used in the blog post. Search Engines does not recognize any media files. Whatever keyword you enter in Alt Tag, the search engine will store it in your database with the same name.

Step 8: Content should be new and high-quality. There are some standard formats for this.

Step 9: Blog Post should be more than Lenght average. Do not use unrelated words to make the post larger.

Step 10: Internal Linking is the best SEO Practice. Internal Linked Site Good for both Search Engine and User. Wikipedia is the best example. For better internal linking, Post should be more in Blog.

Step 11: Regular updating of blog/website will increase the number of posts which will make it easier to make internal linking. Regular Update Crawl the Search Engine’s Crawler daily website.

Off Page SEO ( what is seo )

Step 12: Most Users are on Social Media Sites. Make a page Create Regular Post on all Popular Social Media Page (Facebook Fan Page, LinkedIn Company Page, Google Brand Page) and Profiles (Facebook Profile, LinkedIn Account, Twitter Account). You have not yet shared this post on your Social Media Profile!

Step 13: Backlinks, this fetish is important Topic. Creating Backlink of Site for Top Rank in SERP is very important. There are two types of Backlink Dofollow, Nofollow If you get Dofollow Backlink from Related Site, it will be good to sleep!

backlink building

Step 14: Post Always For Readers, Follow the Guidelines of Search Engines. Blog Post Comment Allow Reply to Readers Comment. Increase engagement on the blog increases and the Bounce rate decreases.

Content Idea

Step 15: Blog Post Title and Meta Description should be Meaningful and Attractive. In the SERP, click the User Blog Post Title and meta description and click on a link. Use Keyword in both Title and Description. It can be ranked correctly in the SERP. But, if not according to Main Content Title, the User Window will close, which will increase the Bounce Rate.

Step 16: Website’s Loading Time will have to be reduced. Website Fast load hone does not have to wait for the user to open the website. Site Loading Speed This is a very big issue. Let me explain this by example,

A User searched Keyword in Google
In the result, he got links to many websites.
The user clicked on any one
But if the website is taking too much time to open
User backs and opens another site.
That’s why website Load Time should be low.

Step 17: Use Mobile Friendly Responsive Design. To browse the Responsive Design in any device, just have to scroll up and down. Left / Right Scroll does not have to be done. Knowing the User Easily Browse by Being Responsive Design

Apart from this, SEO has many Points that have to be followed.

SEO is a topic that has no end.
This is an experience that comes from Practice.

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